: I was a Caigslist and 2nd hand market junkie that was frustrated with not having as much options as I wanted when looking for something specific. The idea was in 2015 and sat with me until I couldn't stand it anymore and used my own money to build a website.When I did some digging, I realized there was soo many others that were posting ISO (In Search of, WTB (Want to Buy) or Finders Fee.
                                                  ...and now here we are!

Our Brand


To define the visual story of DoUHave. DoUHave is an online platform to buy and sell locally where engagement is driven by needs. DoUHave provides a unique platform for its unique target market and is the first of its kind dedicated to “ISO” buyers. The aesthetic and visual language of the brand need to be as equally unique from the other secondhand market platforms. The look should reflect DoUHave’s mission to connect specialty buyers with what they are looking for in a more efficient and satisfying way.


DoUHave seeks to fill in the gap in the secondhand market, “ISO” and “WTB” groups need a platform to connect and engage with sellers. It is not just another secondhand market platform, it is a collector’s, a specialty buyers, a thrifter’s go to spot to find what they are looking for. DoUHave will reframe how buyers and sellers view the second hand market and engage with one another in a fresh and efficient way.


DoUHave is about bringing together buyers looking for something they need with the sellers- the people who have what they are looking for. It’s about creating engagement between these two communities driven by demand and connecting them in an easier way.


This brand is unique from it’s origin story as it is the first platform dedicated to “ISO” (In Search of) buyers. The platform itself brings together a variety of people who love their specific niche and connect them to people who have rare and unique items.


DoUHave is proud to be the first of its kind in the secondhand good industry just as people in this category have become more proud to find unique, on-budget items. DoUHave embraces this.


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Why tho 😩
Douhave.co is a community designed to help buyers connect with sellers. We specialize in helping others track down vintage and antique items that are difficult to find within pre-existing bubbles. 🏍🎻🖼📺📸 #secondhand #thriftstorefinds
This 1960's yellow @thecocacolaco bottle crate can go for as much as $100 these days and can be used as vintage decor or repurposed into something like a succulent container or spice rack. #cocacola #vintagedecor #thriftstorefinds
The @honda Elsinore was first released in the early 70s — even after Honda said it would never build a two-stroke motorcycle. After the initial release, Honda launched two-strokes over and over again throughout the span of 3 decades. #honda #hondaelsinore #elsinore #vintagecar #thriftstorefinds
Only made for a few years back in the 60s, the Polaroid Automatic 100 Land Camera is a folding Polaroid camera that was originally sold for around $90 (which would equal about $1,000 today). #thriftstorefinds #thriftwithme #polaroid
Vintage never goes out of style. #thriftstorefinds
Do yourself and the planet a favor and buy used. #savetheplanet
Doing what I love.. connecting buyers with their vintage memories.


We built stuff too...

Digitizing BUYERS in the 2nd hand marketplace... giving them reach & connections.”